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Wash Care

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Washing your Boxer Shorts

One way your boxer shorts may lose out on their life span is by regular rigorous washing. Each time you wash your underwear, color fades (with most fabrics) and fibers weaken. Not to be saying that you shouldn’t wash your clothes. We don’t want to scare people away with odors and stains, do we ? Though there are a few ways to be more gentle to your boxer shorts;

  • Wash your boxer shorts in cold water, especially the darks. Some of our darker boxer shorts and may bleed color. Please take care and wash these separately. We don’t want our designs all over your white clothes.

  • Wash your clothes on the gentle cycle . Don’t be too harsh on your boxer shorts; it will help them last long.Really long

  • Use a gentle detergent for washing your boxer shorts. We take extra care to make them especially soft for you, we would like them remain soft for a long time.