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No kickass campaigns. No great advertising strategy. No pretensions. The idea is to take our level of intimacy with you at another level. Hold on! We don’t mean literally. But what you must know is, what we do and why we do it. 

Conversations and Intimacy :  

Let’s start with the conversation that The Boxer Store initially started as. It took days and months of sleepless nights and Daft Punk’s quote “Tonight we’re gonna get lucky” that triggered the whole concept. Pallavi Khandelwal (the one who founded TBS) dared to beat the odds and took the plunge and live her dream of designing perfect underwear for men.

Journey on the inside The Boxer Store or TBS has designer boxers and pajamas for both men and women and might we say, nobody has ever grasped the need for freedom of our-down-there so beautifully.

We love what we do and we make sure you do too :

Take a sneak peek into our stuff and you’ll know what we’re talking about! Passionate us ! Talking about innovation, 99.99% of the products you see here on this site were just a mere thought in her mind. Of course she isn’t a lone warrior. TBS works with a team of dedicated team who “undie”stand her passion for the industry. Because we like to keep it short and simple, our team has only a few people, who love to multitask, at the same time excel at their art. They love funk!

If you are someone who wants to do something more than just the usual, we have some exciting options for you. Talk about colours, there’s an array of undies here at TBS that won’t only hook your attention but also leave you asking for more. Talk about fun intimacy and we’ve got you covered

Zestful Designing :  

Designed and manufactured in India, TBS takes fun to another level. We are unique and the quality speaks for itself. We love what we do and so we give it our best. Like we said, we love simple thought process. You’ll see a swarm of unconventional designs in our collection. We want you to ditch those boring boxers offered in “cotton” and other materials with astonishingly lame prints. That’s who we are not. We love freedom of expression. And without humour, life would be so dull. Keeping in mind, we do not hurt anyone’s sentiments. And if we do, here’s a big hug coming your way.

Drop the Cliché :  

You’ve got to have the wit and humour to understand our designs. That’s one thing we tell all our consumers. Let the inhibitions go and wear just what you feel. Right on the inside.