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Knitted Vs Woven

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What is The Difference

Except for clothes made from animal hides, what you"re wearing right now is probably either knitted or woven. Each of the two fabrics has a distinct look and a handful of different properties. The main difference between the two types of fabrics is largely in the manufacturing process, as it"s entirely possible to use the same materials to make either type of shirt. Because of this, knowing how to identify the two, and what is different about them, is extremely important to shopping for and wearing all kinds of clothing (even Boxers).


  • Knit fabrics are made the same way a knitted scarf is made by someone at home with two needles and a ball of yarn. Knitting is a process that loops a piece of yarn in a row a few times, then links those loops with another row of loops and so on , which are later turned into sweaters, T-shirts, socks and all other knit fabrics. Knits are often made into more casual clothing because it"s a much looser, lighter and more comfortable fabric. 

  • Knitted fabrics usually have a more geometric shape: interlocking shapes, when viewed really closely. Often, the knitting also creates vertical or horizontal lines along the original rows of the fabric. You can also test them by tugging gently: knitted fabrics stretch a fair amount, and woven fabrics only stretch diagonally by a little.

What is Woven then?

  • Woven fabrics keep their shape better and are more adept at hiding the wearer"s body--in certain places. Because they don"t stretch as much, however, they can create some issues--such as opening at the front of buttoned shirts. They do not stretch and and generally more formal looking.